The current hat collection draws inspiration from the magpie. Black feather and claw. Found objects such as rusty keys and jewels. Soft nesting materials, and the finely woven texture of twigs. Even the shiny cases of beetles. The magpie is the thief, and the ultimate recycler; feeling justified in taking whatever it finds attractive to adorn its nest. From this, a collection of designer headwear was born.


Beauty can be brave and imaginative. Uglylovely challenges notions of conventional loveliness and draws out your own by contrasting it with the dark and the strange. Bird hats, quirky fascinators, and taxidermy hats are all part of the fabric of this collection.

If you are looking for Sahar's lovely collection, without the dead stuff, see

Butterfly Hat

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Fetish Hat

Art Nouveau Insects

Roadkill Magpie Percher Hat