Did you ever want to wear a butterfly wing or the iridescent shimmer of a beetle in your hair?

Most of us never lose that wonder and awe in the beauty of the strangest things. And they can from a connection to our most authentic, playful selves. There's a dark, edgy stylishness to the realism of our earliest most innocent tastes, before anyone 'told us' what was beautiful. And an arch and surprisingly grown up satisfaction to displaying just a hint of them, through the unique and eclectic pieces we wear. This is what Uglylovely is all about.

Uglylovely is the brainchild of Sahar Freemantle who discovered a love for beauty in the unconventional following her degree in Costume Design at Edinburgh College of Art. Researching into High Drama, Shiaperelli hats, and Insect Artwork, she specialised in millinery and realised her passion to include the eccentric and whimsical, such as insects, rusted objects and old lace in her work. This is how Uglylovely was born.


‘Sinister but Beautiful’ – Joe Gossa from Black Butter Records