These are costumes for a production of 'The Hapless Child' – a dark comedy by Edward Gory. Uglylovely incorporated found objects to tell the audience about the history of the characters, and their inner worlds.

The girl is a poverty stricken artisan maker of artificial flowers, who once knew luxury. This is represented by the layers of torn silk and antique lace, which are burnt and ragged at the edges. She has roses and a variety of oddments poking out of her hair and dress, and the birdcages represent the panniers worn by 18th century aristocratic women to remind us of her background.

The male figure is a wannabe killer with noisy, jangling, misshapen jacket, and ugly protruding nose. He was inspired by the 'Tiger Lillies' song 'Killer'. Influences for the costume came from Venetian ball masks, pirates, and the 18th century dandy. He has aristocratic ruffles, a map on his cape, old pocket watches, and 100 jingling coins sewn into the pleats of his coat.

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